• Julius Orion Smith : Lecturer at Stanford. Julius’ website is an online bible of DSP theory.

  • Coursera - Audio Signal Processing : A great, free online course on DSP. Mostly spectral stuff.

  • Laurent de Soras : A blog with a bunch of interesting papers on DSP topics.

  • Katja : Slightly eccentric website. Great explanations of a bunch of maths and DSP related topics with good illustrations.



  • LearnCpp : Very clear, elegant explinations of c++ concepts.

  • WDL Forum : In the absence of a proper API for iPlug, trawling this forum is the best resource for learning about it.

  • Florian Le Bourdais : Blog posts on interesting subjects, mostly with Python. He writes on a range of topics well.

  • Martin Finke : The most comprehensive beginner tutorial in iPlug out there.

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